Welcome to Eddelak in Germany (Europe)!

My name is Ingo Flindt. I live in Eddelak and have designed these pages for you.
It was not simple, but I have just started the work.
It is my first internet-project, if you don't count my homepage.
One day, a few old postcards of Eddelak has fallen into my hands. These pictures that I saw, were so old, that some looked strange, others very real to me. I looked at the postcards for a long time and people have told me a lot about them.
The histories of these old houses are as fascinating as the pictures themselves. Therefore I decided, to make them accessible to a wider audience.
Not all the pictures are in my property, but they were kindly made available to me.
If a picture is subjected to a copyright, please contact me under the e-mail-address written below, I will contact you and we will find a solution to this problem.
But please remember, this internet-site should be seen as a  hobby-work of a private person, and it serves no commercial purpose. It should be used by many people all over the world for visiting Eddelak and its history.
Be patient with me, that I didnīt translate the whole site. Most of the buttons at the left are linked to normal german pages. This site contains at least 401 pages, so I canīt translate everything. If you like this site and want to know, when something is changing here, there is a newsletter you can join. Than you get a mail, when I added or changed something here.

Do you search for your ancestors in Eddelak? Write your Request to the Forum! Maybe some of the site-visitors know something about the person you look for.

If you have technical-problems with the look of the site, there is a help-page.

 I don't claim to be faultless on the captions or wholeness of the pictures.
Did you find mistakes? Do you have Postcards or Pictures? You like to know more?
You like my site? Please write me !


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Sights of Eddelak