Above the clouds...

...you can’t see anything of Eddelak of course. This is one of the reasons, why it is not so simple to shoot some good areal photos. The sun must shine bright. The clouds must not throw shadows. And to make good pictures out of an airplane is not so easy, because the vibrations and the reflections from the cockpit.
Thats why I like to thank those persons very much, who made this pictures for me:

 Luftbilder 1 - 7 from April 4th, 2000 made by Frau Looft
 Luftbilder 8 - 15 from Mai 13, 2001 made by Sönke Flindt
 Luftbilder 16 - 31 from Juli 1st,  2001 made by Frau Looft.

Luftbilder (Arealpictures)

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