Das ist nicht meine Kamera :-)

Photos - Moments caught of the every day life.

The photographer... He looks a little peculiar...

A man walks down the street, stops, looks around, goes back and forwards. What he is doing there? Is he looking for something?  Oh, he picks something of his pocket. It looks like he wants to make a photo of something...but of what? Here is nothing special to look at!

So, or like that, I think, have been the reactions of the people which looked at me from a safe distance during my walk through the village.

No. I don’t look for something special. It’s just taking pictures of our village.

Maybe, there is but still something special upon it, if you see how these pictures are alike or different to the old postcards...

Fotos  1 -5 and 7 - 16 from März 20, 2000
Fotos 17 - 23 from März 22, 2000
Fotos 6 and 24 from Januar 2000 Thank to Mr. Theißen)
Fotos 25 - 31 from early September 2000

Do you have nice Eddelak photos? Let me know...

For some Photos there are old postcards...
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